Monthly Subscription Box

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  • This sub box contains four 2 ounce bottles of GHC glitter and may contain a combination of Metallic, Iridescent, Holographic, Chunky, Glow in the Dark, Color Shift, UV and different size glitters, totaling 8oz of glitter. 


  • Three glitters will be current glitters that we offer. 


  • Guaranteed to have at least 1 unreleased glitter per box, including custom VIP glitter mixes only available through the subscription box! 


  • We will not ship duplicate colors within a calendar year.



  • This is a monthly recurring glitter subscription box that will be charged automatically every month.


  • Payments are processed 30 days from the start date of subscription and every 30 days thereafter until subscription is canceled.


  • Subscription boxes are shipped between the 1st and the 5th of each month.


  • No other orders or items can be combined and shipped with your subscription.


  • This subscription can be canceled at any time, however; once the customer's current monthly box has shipped, it cannot be canceled. 


  • Promo codes and discounts do not apply to Sub Boxes.